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Angleton Danbury Medical Center

Appraisal District

Brazoria County Appraisal District Review Board 04252017 9am

Bail Bond Board

Board of Park Commissioners

Brazoria County Elections

Brazoria County Fresh Water Supply District 2

Brazoria County Fresh Water Supply Distict 2 05022017 6:30pm

Brazoria County Judge's Agenda

Brazoria County Notice of Mass Gathering Hearing 05032017 10am

Brazoria County Child Protective Services

Brazoria County Conservation & Reclamation District

Brazoria County Conservation. and Reclamation District  Number Three 05022017 6pm

Brazoria County Conservation & Reclamation District Number Three 04252017 6am

Brazoria County Conservation & Reclamation District Number Three 04252017 10am

Brazoria County Emergency Services District

Brazoria County Emerg. Services Dist. No. 2 05012017 7pm

Brazosport Water Authority

Brazosport Water Authority 04252017 6pm

Commissioners Court

Disaster declaration for area flooding resulting from heavy rains 04252017

Drainage District

West Brazoria County Drainage District 11 05012017 4:00pm


Notice Of Early Voting At Branch Polling Places 05062017

Notice of General Elections and Special Elections 05062017

Notification of Election Training Program 04292017

Notice of Bond Elections and Operation and Maintenance Tax Elections 050617 7am

Gulf Coast Center

Gulf Coast Water Authority

Groundwater District

Municipal Utility Districts/MUD

Brazoria-Fort Bend County MUD District NO. 1 05042017 12pm

Oak Manor MUD 05022017 5:30 pm

Brazoria County MUD NO. 35 05032017 11:30am

Brazoria County MUD NO. 26 05022017 11am 

Brazoria County MUD NO 17 05022017 5:30pm

Brazoria County MUD NO. 32 04282017 11am

Brazoria County MUD NO. 3 04262017 7:45am

Brazoria County MUD 04282017 NO. 32 11am

Brazoria County MUD 04272017 No. 31 10am

Brazoria County MUD 04272017 No. 34 12pm

Brazoria County Municipal Utility District No. 18 04/25/2017 5:00pm

Brazoria County MUD No. 6 04262017 745am

Brazoria County MUD No. 39 04252017 11am

Port Freeport

Port Freeport 04272017 2:10pm

Port Freeport 04272017 2:30pm

Port Freeport 04272017 2:50pm

Port Freeport 04272017 6pm

Sweeny Hospital District

Sweeny Hospital District 04252017 630pm

Utility District 



Brazoria County Property Sale/Resale Committee 04252017 230pm