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Festival Permit  -  Festival Permit Info & Form

 Festival Permit Info



Occupation Code 2104.101 Subchapter C. - FESTIVAL PERMIT APPLICATION

   (a)  A promoter shall, before the 60th day before the date the promoter holds an outdoor music festival,

file a permit application with the county clerk of the county in which the festival is to be held.


   (b)  The application must include:

(1)  the name and address of:

(A)  the promoter;  and

(B)  each of the promoter's associates or employees assisting in the promotion

of the festival;

(2)  a financial statement of the promoter and a statement specifying the sources and

amounts of capital being supplied for the festival;

(3)  a description of the festival location;

(4)  the name and address of the owner of the festival location;

(5)  a statement describing the terms and conditions of the agreement allowing the

promoter to use the festival location;

(6)  the dates and times of the festival;

(7)  the maximum number of persons the promoter will allow to attend the festival;

(8)  a statement describing the promoter's plan to control the number of persons

attending the festival;

(9)  a description of the agreement between the promoter and each performer who

is scheduled to appear at the festival;  and

(10)  a complete statement describing the promoter's festival preparations to comply with

the minimum standards of sanitation and health prescribed by Chapter 341, Health and

Safety Code.


   (c)  The promoter shall submit a $5 filing fee with the permit application.


   (d)  The permit application must be verified by the promoter and be based on the promoter's best

        information and belief.





         The Promoter must complete the festival permit application completely.


         The Promoter must sign the Application in the presence of a clerk at the County Clerk’s Office and must present a valid ID


         There is a $5.00 fee to file the festival permit application in the County Clerk’s Office (standard payment methods apply)



Click for form: Application for Festival Permit