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Court Departments  -  FEES - Court Fee Breakdown

Civil Search Requirements
$5.00 per name per type of court record to be searched 1986 forward
$10.00 per name per type of court record to be searched prior to 1986
Indicate type of record (Civil)
Full name to be searched
Years to search

Jurisdictional Limits
Justice of the Peace Court Up to $10,000.00
County Court $500.00 to $200,000.00
District Court $500.00 and up
Workman's Comp Cases are unlimited

NOTE: When filing a new suit with the County Clerk Civil Division you will need to provide the original suit along with as many copies required for each Defendant that you wish to have served with the citation. Make sure that all exhibits are attached to your Original Petition.

Fee Schedule
Fee Type Code Comments Fee Charged
County Clerk Civil Fees
New Suit
    $247.00 + citation fee and service fee if necessary
Miscellaneous fees:
Writ of Garnishment After Judgment     $212.00 + service fee
Cross Action     $65.00
Issuing Citations & Writs:
Before Judgment 118.059 LOCAL GOVERNMENT CODE   $4.00
After Judgment 118.0545 LOCAL GOVERNMENT CODE   $5.00
Serving by Certified Mail 118 063 LOCAL GOVERNMENT CODE   $75.00
Abstract of Judgment 118.053 LOCAL GOVERNMENT CODE   $5.00
Sheriff Service Fee (Except for Writs, TRO, Order of Sale) 118.131 LOCAL GOVERNMENT CODE
Set by Commissioners' Court
Sheriff Service Fee for Writs, TRO and Order of Sale
118.131 LOCAL GOVERNMENT CODE   $150.00
Jury Fee 216 TEXAS RULES OF COURT and 51.604 GOVERNMENT CODE   $40.00
Trust Fund Fee 117.055 LOCAL GOVERNMENT CODE Interest Bearing Accounts 10% of the Interest
    Non-Interest Bearing Accounts 5% of the Principal
Certificate of No Appeal 118.060 LOCAL GOVERNMENT CODE   $5.00
Copies 118.0605 LOCAL GOVERNMENT CODE   $1.00 per page
Certified Copies 118.060 LOCAL GOVERNMENT CODE   $1.00 per page + $5.00 per document to certify
Returned Check Fee 118.011 LOCAL GOVERNMENT CODE Set by County Clerk $30.00